Sustainable Urban Freight Systems
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Efficient freight transport is an important determinant of the development of any urban area. As such cities become more and more modern, the share of freight in urban transport has seen a dramatic rise in cities such as Delhi which today faces humongous challenges in this area due to heavy traffic, and lack of planning of freight operations. There is, therefore, tremendous opportunity to improve the efficiency of freight transport as borne out by several studies.

Host Institution

Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Programme (TRIPP) at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

is an interdisciplinary programme focusing on the reduction of adverse health effects of road transport. TRIPP attempt to integrate all issues concerned with transportation in order to promote safety, cleaner air, and energy conservation.  Faculty members are involved in planning safer urban and inter city transportation systems  safety equipment and infrastructure for the future. Projects are done in collaboration with associated departments and centres at the IIT Delhi, government departments, industry and international agencies.

The Center of Excellence on Sustainable Urban Freight Systems (CoE-SUFS) is a collaboration of the world’s leading urban freight research groups that decided to work together to collectively transform urban freight systems. The goal of the CoE-SUFS is to jumpstart an integrative and participatory process—involving cities, private sector, and researchers—that leads to the implementation of urban freight system paradigms that are sustainable, increase quality of life and economic efficiency, and address environmental justice. Such a holistic goal ensures that all key impacts are considered, as focusing on only one aspect could make things worse in the others. The objectives are to: have a direct impact on real-life; foster cutting edge research; become the focal point for discussion of urban freight systems issues; foster integrated planning of freight and passenger transport, and land use systems; design and implement actionable strategies to transform urban freight systems; educate a new generation of scholars and practitioners with a global view of urban freight systems; and gain a world reputation as an agent of change.

Workshop Outline

Session titles include

The speakers are world renowned experts in the above areas. The talks would include practical applications, government policies, decision making, methodologies and technology for freight modelling and optimization, innovative solutions and experiential results.

Who should attend

The workshop will be ideal for decision makers in both government and private sectors, transportation and logistics researchers, truckers, freight operators at ports and airport, urban freight companies, and businesses that have significant urban goods movement delivery.


Dr. Jose Holguin Veras is the William H. hart Professor and the Director of the center for Infrastructure, Transportation and the environment and VREF center at the Rensselaer Polytehnic Institute. His current research focuses on freight transportation demand modelling, sustainable freight policy and humanitarian logistics.
Dr. Russell Thompson is currently an Associate Professor in Transport Engineering in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering at the University of Melbourne. He has been Vice-President of the Institute for City Logistics since 1999. His research interests include intelligent vehicle routing and scheduling, fleet optimization, evaluation methods and collaborative distribution systems
Mr. Jeffrey Wojtowicz is a senior research engineer at the Center for Infrastructure, Transportation and the Environment (CITE) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and th e Assistant Director of Administration at VREF’s CoE-SUFS. His research interests include freight systems, intelligent transportation systems, traffic signal systems , traffic modelling. He has been Project Manager for ITS America” Best of ITS” award in area of research and innovation

Ms. Johanna Amaya is a researcher at the CITE and VREF’s CoE-SUFS. She has been part of multiple projects funded by National Cooperative Freight Research Program, National Science Foundation, USAID among others. Her research interests are oriented to areas of sustainable sustainable freight systems, humanitarian logistics, supply chain management and operaions research.


Dr. Nomesh Bolia and  Dr. Geetam Tiwari


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