Books and Monographs

Safe Streets for Agra.
Geetam Tiwari, Ruchi Varma, Dinesh Mohan and Alokeparna Sengupta 2015; Prepared for IATSS, Japan
Full Text
Traffic and Safe Communities.
Geetam Tiwari, Alokeparna Sengupta, Dinesh Mohan and Ruchi Varma 2015; Prepared for IATSS, Japan
Full Text
Planning and Design Guideline for Cycle Infrastructure.
Geetam Tiwari 2014; Prepared for Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation
Full Text
Essential ideas from - Safety, Sustainability and Future Urban Transport.
Ed. Dinesh Mohan 2013
Full Text
BRT Projects in Indian Cities : Status Report  TRIPP report series.
Geetam Tiwari and Deepty Jain, 2010
Full Report
Public Health Benefits of Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Urban Land Transport. TRIPP report series.
James Woodkock et al., 2009
Full Report
Safety of Children as Motorcycle Passenger, TRIPP Report series.
Dinesh Mohan, 2009
Full Report
Mythologies, Metros & Future Urban Transport. TRIPP report series.
Dinesh Mohan, 2008
Full Report
A Handbook for Socio-Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) of Future Urban Transport (FUT) Projects,
Eds. Anvita Arora and Geetam Tiwari,  TRIPP,  2007
The objective of handbook is to assess the impact of large transport projects on the urban poor and to propose a socio-economic impact assessment methodology which can be integrated in the impact assessment studies of such projects.  Full Text
Road Traffic Injury Prevention: Training Manual, Eds. Dinesh Mohan, Geetam Tiwari, Meleckidzedeck Khayesi and Fredrick Muyio Nafukho, World Health Organization, 2006
The manual has been designed for a multidisciplinary audience including medical doctors and nurses, transport and road engineers, vehicle safety professionals, law enforcers, policymakers, urban planners and social scientists.  Link
Prehospital Trauma Care Systems, Sasser S., Varghese M., Kellerman A., and Lormand J.D., World Health Organization, 2005.  Link
The Saga of Rickshaw: Identity, Struggle and Claims:  A study by Lokayan 2004, Editor: Rajendra Ravi.
The document focusing the position and condition of rickshaw pullers in National Capital Region of Delhi.
World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention, Margie P., Scurfield R., Sleet D., Mohan D., Hyder A., Jarawan E., Mathers C, World Health Organization, 2004
World report on road traffic injury prevention. Road traffic injuries are a major but neglected public health challenge that requires ...

Injury Prevention and Control, Eds. Dinesh Mohan, and Geetam Tiwari, Taylor and Francis, London, 2000. Link

Road Designs for Improving Traffic Flow: A Bicycle Master Plan for Delhi, GeetamTiwari, TRIPP, 1999. Full Text

Injury Prevention: An International Perspective, Peter Barss, Gordon Smith, Susan Baker and Dinesh Mohan, Oxford University Press, New York, 1998. Link

When Someone is Hurt... A First Aid Guide for Lay Persons and Community Workers, Mathew Varghese and Peggy Mohan, Other Media Communications, New Delhi, 1998. Full Text

Injury Control : A Global View, Lawrence W. Berger and Dinesh Mohan, Oxford University Press, Delhi, 1996. Link
Introduction to traffic calming, Rajesh Patel, Geetam Tiwari and Dinesh Mohan, 1994. Full Text
Dealing with Traffic Dealing with traffic: A Guide for young people, Peggy Mohan and G.V. Soumitri, Sponsered by Shriram Honda Power Equipment Limited, Produced by Antara Foundation. Full Text
Urban Transport for Growing Cities - High Capacity Bus Systems, Geetam Tiwari, Macmillan India Ltd, New Delhi, 2002. Link

The Way Forward: Transportation Planning and Road Safety, Ed. Geetam Tiwari, Dinesh Mohan and Nicole Muhlrad, Macmillan India Ltd, New Delhi, 2005. Link

Injuries in South-East Asia Region : Priorities for Policy and Action, Dinesh Mohan and Mathew Varghese, Sponsered by World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia, New Delhi, India. Full Text
Holy Yamuna : new dawns and the tragedy of governance; a document focusing the removal of slums from the bank of Yamuna.  
Riksha - Ek Mahagatha (Hindi);  the document focusing the position and condition of rickshaw pullers in National Capital Region of Delhi.
Dilli Kiski Hai? Yojana Ki Raajniti Aur Aniyojit ka Hastakshep (Hindi); a document focusing the causes and factors in failure of Delhi master plans.