National Transport Development Policy Committee Report

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India Transport Report : Moving India to 2032  
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India Transport Report: Moving India to 2032 (chapter wise)
Published on 17th June 2014
A) VOLUME I: Executive Summary    
B) VOLUME II: Main Report - Part-I VOLUME-II: Main Report - Part-II C) VOLUME-III: Sector Reports Part-I
Working Group Reports Study Reports Paper Received from World Bank as Technical Assistance

Study report on life cycle analysis of transport modes

  • Volume-I - LCA framework and findings
  • Volume-II - Summary of literature reviews and primary questionnaires used for data collection
  • World bank papers on highway sector by Clell Harral: ZIP File
  • World bank papers on railways sector by Paul Amos: ZIP File
  • World bank papers on urban transport sector by Ken Gwilliam: ZIP File
  • World bank papers on port sector by Marten van den Bossche: PDF File


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