Associate Faculty

Ankush Agarwal, Ph.D(Economics), Department of Humanities and Social Scienices

India's official statistics, Applied Econometrics, Development Economics

Email: ankush[at]

Anoop Chawla, PhD (IITK) , Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering: Expertise in CAD/CAM and mathematical modeling, biomechanics. Presently involved in computer modeling of pedestrian crashes with truck fronts, and motorcycles with cars, FE modeling of human body, impact characterization of human tissues.


A.K. Swamy, Ph.D. (Univ. of New Hampshire, Durham, USA), Civil Engineering Department

Modelling Behaviour of Asphaltic Materials, Continuum Damage Modelling, Pavement Engineering, Rheology, Recycling of Pavement Materials.


Dinesh Mohan, Univ. of Michigan, USA, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Departments

Expertise in human impact tolerance, vehicle crashworthiness and road safety research. Presently involved in design of safer truck fronts, analysis of highway crashes, analysis of tractor driver vibrations and interaction between safety and environmental policies


Geetam Tiwari, PhD (Illinois), Civil Engineering Department

Transportation Planning: Expertise in traffic flow analysis, transportation planning and accident analysis. Currently involved in designing the high capacity bus systems for Delhi, analysis of alternative urban layouts, highway capacity analysis, traffic calming, sustainable transportation and road safety


K.N. Jha, PhD, Civil Engineering Department

Construction technology and management


Kalaga Ramachandra Rao, PhD (IIT/Kh) and Coordinator, TRIPP, Civil Engineering Department

Transportation Engineering: Expertise in Mass Transit Planning, Traffic Flow Modeling and Road Accidents Analysis


M. Manoj, Ph.D. (IISc Bangalore), Civil Engineering Department

Transportation Planning, Activity/Travel Demand Modelling, Long-Term Mobility Decisions, Travel Behaviour Data Collection, Built Environment and Travel Behaviour, Econometric Modelling.


Kaushik Mukherjee, Ph.D.(IIT Kharagpur), Mechanical Engineering Department

Orthopaedic Biomechanics & Implant Design, Developmental Biomechanics,Bone and Joint Mechanobiology, Mechanics of Human Movement, Finite Element Analysis

Email: kmukherjee[at]

Nezamuddin [Ph.D. (Univ. of Texas at Austin, USA)], Department of Civil Engineering

Areas of Interest: Transportation Network Analysis, Transportation Logistics and Optimization, Traffic Operations, Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Email: nezam[at]

N. Chatterjee, Ph.D. (London University), Mathematics Department

Statistical Modelling, Big Data Analysis


Puneet Mahajan, PhD (Montana), Applied Mechanics Department

Expertise in dynamics and vibrations. Currently involved in modelling vibrations of tractors and their effect on drivers, helmet impact modelling


Ravi Shankar, PhD (IIT/D), Department of Management Studies

Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Project Management, Total Quality Management & Six Sigma, Strategic Technology Management, Quantitative modeling, Knowledge Management


Sanjeev Sanghi, PhD (CUNY, New York), Mechanical Engineering Department

Expertise in turbulence, fluid mechanics, non-linear mechanics and chaos, pollution studies and development of educational software


Subhashis Banerjee, PhD (I.I.Sc. Bangalore), Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer vision, robotics, real-time systems, image processing and pattern recognition


Sudipto Mukherjee, PhD (OHIO STATE), Mechanical Engineering Department

Dynamics, vehicle crash modeling, biomechanics. Currently involved in motorcycle and three wheeler crash modeling, FE modeling of human body, impact characterization of human tissues


Sourabh Paul, Ph.D.(Economics), Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Trade and Development, Applied Econometrics, Labour Economics, Health and Nutrition

Email: sbpaul[at]

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