External Expert

A.K. Roy, M.Tech. (IITB), Chemical Engineering

Societal systems, access and mobility. President, Hazard Centre Sanchal Foundation

Email: qadeeroy@gmail.com

Girish Agrawal, School of Art & Architecture, O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU)

Girish Agrawal is a Professor in the School of Art & Architecture, O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU). His research interests are eclectic – he has authored and co-authored papers on applications of computations neural networks to geotechnical data analysis, road safety law and policy, earthwork optimization, public infrastructure, informal transport networks, public health, urban heat island effect, and urban development policy, among other areas. His current focus is on understanding urban morphology in three contexts: how roadway design and urban layout influences driver behavior (and so road safety); urban heat island effect; and air quality in urban and peri-urban areas. At present, Girish is working with researchers from four countries, doing large-scale data collection using networks of low-cost sensors, in their quest to study various aspects of natural and built systems. Girish holds a B. Tech. (Hons) in Civil Engineering (1985) from IIT Delhi, an MS (1987) and a PhD (1992), both in Geotechnical Engineering, from Purdue University, and a Juris Doctor (2006) from the UC Berkeley School of Law. He is a licensed Civil Engineer, licensed Geotechnical Engineer, and a licensed Attorney at Law in California, and is also enrolled as an Advocate with the Bar Council of Delhi. Before coming to JGU, he was Professor and Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at Shiv Nadar University, where he also served as the Associate Director for Strategy and Planning for the School of Engineering. In the past, he has been a visiting member of the faculty at IIT Delhi and Purdue University.

Email: lawgir@gmail.com

Mathew Varghese, MBBS, MS (MAMC), Head, Orthopaedics Department, St. Stephen's Hospital, Delh

Orthopaedics: Expertise in orthopaedic surgery and injury analysis. Currently involved in assessing effects of vibrations on spines of tractor drivers, analysis of injuries suffered by pedestrians hit by buses and trucks, and assessment of pre-hospital care methods

Email: mathewvarghese.ms@gmail.com

Rajendra Ravi, Ph.D., Institute for Democracy and Sustainability (IDS)

Social Science: He is Urban social planner, researcher, author and editor. Over the last couple of decades, he has spent his time studying various facets of urbanization, Urban Transport, society and democracy. The engagement has led him to produce a substantial literature on the related issues Currently he is part of Sustainable Urban Mobility Network India (SUMNET), World Car-free Network, National Cyclist Union and Institute for Democracy and Sustainability (IDS) Delhi

Email: rajendraravi1857@gmail.com

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