Dynamic testing facility:

Impact testing of helmets and small structures, vibration measurement .

Traffic Laboratory

Automatic traffic counter cum classifier

The Automatic Vehicle and Classifier unit is adaptable to field conditions, is light weight, rugged, tamper proof and is capable of giving data of traffic count and classification of the vehicles. The unit is controlled by a micro processor

Speed measurement equipment (ProLaser Lidar Gun)

The ProLaser is a versatile instrument that measures both the range and velocity of selecte targets. The advanced technology on which the ProLaser is based provides pinpoint aiming capability, allowing the operator to isolate a single vehicle out of a group.

Breath Alcohol Analyser

The Portable Breath Alcohol Analyser includes a Printer. This unit employs an electro-chemical(fuel cell) alcohol sensing principle and provides a printer interface for evidential function. The instrument also has a dual mode passive and direct methods of breath testing for screening. .

Computational Laboratory


The MAthematical DYnamic MOdel is a user-friendly computer package which is used to simulate crash situations to a high degree of accuracy and to access injuries sustained by victims. MADYMO has been developed by TNO, The Netherlands .


PAM-CRASH is a user-friendly computer package which interfaces a variety of finite element code pre-processors and the PSI PAM-SYSTEM simulation. It reads mesh files written under various formats, and generates PAM- SOLVER.


Is an integrated package of mechanical engineering software tools. This software is designed to facilitate a concurrent engineering approach to mechanical engineering product design and analysis.

LINDO(Linear, Interactive, and Discrete Optimizer) is a convenient but powerful tool for solving linear, integer, and quadratic programming problems.


TransCAD is a tool for transportation planners in terms of GIS support for planning and modeling and in streamlining and improving the demand modeling process.


ARC/INFO provides the tools for users to access, visualize, and query both geographic and tabular data for better analysis and decision making.


Signalised and Unsigned Intersection Design and Research Aid (SIDRA) was developed by the Australian Road Research Board, as an aid for design and evaluation of signalised intersections.

observer video pro

This tool developed by NOLDUS IT, provides tool for video analysis.

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