American Public Transit Association - has been representing the transit industry for over 100 years, since 1882. APTA members include bus, rapid transit and commuter rail systems, and the organizations responsible for planning, designing, constructing, financing and operating transit systems.

ANTP, Associacao Nacional des Transportes Publicos Brazil -

Bogota, Columbia – Transmilenio: Transmilenio (in Spanish) is presently a 38 km bus system in Bogota, Columbia carrying 600,000 passengers a day. There are plans to expand the system to 388 km by 2016.

Brisbane, Australia - South-East Busway: The South-East Busway is a recently completed 16 km two-way, two-lane busway connecting the city center with the Southeastern suburbs.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Institute - The BRT Institute would serve as a clearinghouse for all current BRT-related information, keeping up-to-date on ITS research and the status of BRT-type projects throughout the country and the world that may have application to the Program.

Bus Rapid Transit.  Think Rail, Use Buses, That's the quickest way to describe Bus Rapid Transit. BRT combines the quality of rail transit and the flexibility of buses. It can operate on exclusive transitways, HOV lanes, expressways, or ordinary streets. A BRT system combines intelligent transportation systems technology, priority for transit, cleaner and quieter vehicles, rapid and convenient fare collection, and integration with land use policy.

Buses International Association is an organization of persons throughout the world who are professionally involved in the management of companies or organizations which operate or manufacture buses.

Curitiba, Brazil: Widely considered as the world’s pre-eminent example of Bus Rapid Transit, Curitiba combines a unified approach to planning and transport. Curitiba’s regional integrated transport network comprises 54 kilometers of exclusive bus lanes, 2000 buses, and 233 "tube stations" where passengers prepay their fare and board buses via ramps. The transport services are hierarchically differentiated by function and color; differently colored buses provide each type of service.

Integrated Transport Planning in Curitiba, Brazil. From: Birk, M.L. and P.C. Zegras. Moving Toward Integrated Transport Planning: Energy, Environment, and Mobility in Four Asian Cities. International Institute for Energy Conservation, Washington, D.C., 1993.;  Curitiba Experience. ; Curitiba, Brazil: Public Transit Role Model for Los Angeles?

European Federation for Transport and Environoment. T&E is a European umbrella for non-governmental organisations working in the field of transport and the environment, promoting sustainable transport in Europe; which means an approach to transport that is environmentally responsible, economically sound and socially just. -

Leeds, United Kingdom – Superbus: Superbus has been operating in Leeds since 1995. It features a state-of-the-art bus-based rapid transit system on a network connecting the Leeds city center with the northern suburbs along the Scott Hall Road. Leeds’ Superbus service features an extensive route structure of bus priority lanes, guideways and buses in mixed traffic. Buses are mechanically steered when operating on guideways and use precision docking at guideway stations. The web site describes the project, service, vehicles and growth of patronage during the life of the project. The web site also features an animated graphic of a queue jump.

London, United Kingdom – BusPlus: BusPlus is a $285 million initiative designed to improve service on 70 key London bus routes that, over the next three years will be upgraded with the addition of more exclusive lanes, traffic signal priority, low floor buses, level boarding from raised platforms, real time passenger information and improved management and schedule and headway control.

Los Angeles, California :Rapid Bus, Los Angeles’ initial BRT project was implemented in June 2000 on two corridors: Ventura and Wilshire/Whittier Boulevards. The Rapid Bus services operate on regular mixed traffic lanes but includes traffic signal preference within the City of Los Angeles, limited stops, and low floors for fast boarding. Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority is also studying a new alignment for a second Bus Rapid Transit service in the San Fernando Valley. BRT service currently operates on Ventura Boulevard and feeds MTA’s Universal City Red Line station. The additional corridor being studied would be on the former Southern Pacific rail right-of-way at Chandler and Burbank Boulevards and feed MTA’s North Hollywood station

Miami, Florida: Miami Dade Transit Agency proposes to extend their existing 8.5 mile South Miami-Dade Busway another 11.5 miles to Florida City by 2003. The additional section would have 22 new stations

Mobility for all: Getting to a transit stop, by Tom Rickert. Guide for facilities for the disabled.

New Planning Template for Transit-Oriented Development , Dick Nelson, John Niles, July 2000, The Norman Y. Mineta International Institute for Surface Transportation Policy Studies (IISTPS) at San José State University assigned a project team to design a planning template for transit-oriented development (TOD) that incorporates an understanding of nonwork travel, that is, trips for shopping, eating out, and engaging in recreational and cultural activities.

POLIS, European Cities Networking for new Transport Solutions - POLIS is an association of European cities and regions working together on transport and environmental issues, in particular via innovative technologies, policies and funding systems. Members are currently active in the EU fifth Framework programme for RTD, testing innovative transport policies, systems and technologies at the local level.

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Resource for Urban Design Information. RUDI is a multimedia Internet resource for teaching, research and professional activity in urban design and its related disciplines. Urban design in this context includes the physical design, management, planning and use of buildings and landscape in terms of their relationship to public and open space. The service gathers and re-publishes multimedia material contributed by professional bodies, practitioners, academics and students. It also researches and creates new resources. Editorial policy focuses on examples of good practice in urban design, and aims to contribute to a better built environment.

Santa Clara, California: The line 22 corridor is approximately 27 miles long and serves six Silicon Valley cities. Line 22 has a running time of over two hours. SCVTA plans to reduce travel times by 25% by route modifications, infrastructure, traffic signal preference, queue jump lanes, fare prepayment, low-floor-articulated buses, and ITS technologies. A six-mile test section of the project is expected to be operational in 2002.

The European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) is an intergovernmental organisation established by a Protocol signed in Brussels on 17 October 1953.  It is a forum in which Ministers responsible for transport, and more specifically the inland transport sector, can co-operate on policy.  Within this forum, Ministers can openly discuss current problems and agree upon joint approaches aimed at improving the utilisation and at ensuring the rational development of European transport systems of international importance.

The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) was set up in 1985, to promote environmentally sustainable and equitable transportation policies and projects worldwide.

Transit Bookshelf 2000 is a compendium of selective readings taken from the bookshelf of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). It is a reference tool designed to provide easy and rapid access to published material on transit planning, innovative research, safety and technology. The publication includes readings that support improvements in public transit today and in the future-- advanced technologies, clean fuel technologies and environmentally-friendly vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, livable communities, new paradigms, safety and security, job access transport, and development of a diverse and highly-skilled transportation workforce.

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West Sussex, United Kingdom – Fastway: Fastway is a proposed integrated and "intelligent" transport system that will serve Gatwick airport and the communities of Crawly and Horley in West Sussex, United Kingdom. Fastway construction is scheduled to start in Spring 2002 and will include a variety of bus facilities such as guideways, exclusive bus lanes, and queue jumps on a 24 km route structure.