Research Project

Estimation of Emissions and Fuel Consumption of in-use Vehicles in Different Driving Conditions

Geetam Tiwari, S.R.Kale, Kalaga Ramchandra Rao and Dinesh Mohan

Project Details


Estimation of emissions and fuel economy on the basis of an average Indian driving cycle amongst different city sizes both in terms of infrastructure design and modal shares, and estimate emissions and fuel economy of different vehicles which are operating int his environment.  A detailed methodology to document variation in traffic environment in a city ( Delhi), and a methodology to select vehicles representing the vehicular fleet of the city will be developed.  Vehicles thus selected will be tested on a very dynamometer to estimate emissions and fuel economy.  The project is expected to assist in better estimates of vehicular emissions in cities. It will also assist in estimating the impact of various traffic management strategies on vehicular emissions and fuel economy, and thereby help authorities in meeting local national and international goals of emissions, fuel economy and ambient quality.

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