Research Projects

Current Research Projects

Sustainable Urban Transport in Less Motorised Countries Research and Training

Volvo Research and Educational Foundations, Sweden

Pedestrian Safe Public Transport Systems: Infrastructure, Operations, Vehicles, Policies and Legislation

Volvo Education Research Foundations, Sweden

Study of Community Design for Traffic Safety in India

International Association of Traffic and Safety Science (IATSS), Japan

Driver behavior study in India

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., Japan

Estimation of Emissions and Fuel Consumption of in-use Vehicles in Different Driving Conditions

Petroleum Conservation Research Association

Promoting Low Carbon Transport in India

UNEP Risoe Centre, Denmark

Estimating risk to road users and impact of active traffic calming measures on vehicular speed in highway work zones

Road Traffic Injuries Research Network (RTIRN)

Safety assessment and risk management for Patna river front development project

Bihar Urban Infrastructure Dev. Corporation

Indicators of Reliability and Variability of BRTS/BUS Systems (INDIRA B)

Indo - French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research

Select Study of Urban Freight in Delhi

Volvo Research and Educational Foundations, Sweden

Towards an integrated Global Transport and Health Assessment Tool

University of Cambridge UK

Pedestrian safe public transport system: infrastructgure, operations, vehicles, policies and legislation II (PS-PTS II)

Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (VREF), Sweden

Improving operational efficiency of bus systems and addressing data gaps in vehicular emissions management

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

Urban traffic demand management strategies: Impact on congestion pollution and mobility (women scientist project of Ms. Ranjana Soni)

Department of Science and Technology

Development of a taxi-baed dispatcher-controlled EMS for low and middle income countries

Dept of Pub Health, DBS, Chicago

Kidwainagar Redevelopment Project: Traffic Impact Assessment

National Building Construction Co. (India) Ltd.

Safety audit of Yamuna Expressway

Jaypee Infratech Limited

Recent Research Projects

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